Wide Plank Flooring

Durable and Functional

Walnut wide plank flooring makes for a spectacular floor that is not only durable but also functional. Walnut flooring is typically used in the formal areas of the home. Due to its durability, we find it being used in kitchens and other areas of the home as well. Walnut flooring has a distinct grain pattern with a mixture of dark brown heart wood combined with lighter tones of sap wood.

We at Southern Crafted Millwork make our best effort to select boards that are mostly heart wood. We make some considerations to allow for some lighter tones created from the sap wood that provides the natural appeal found in Walnut flooring.

We are currently offering Walnut wide plank flooring in widths ranging from 3″ to 6.”



Source: Found in reclaimed boards in central Virginia

Knots: Some tight and open knots that add to the character

Holes: Some worm holes and insect scars

Cracks: Some vertical surface checking, but the board remains sound

Color: Brown with natural color variation

Milling: Tongue and groove profile with square face



  • Plank flooring widths: 3″ to 6″
  • Plank flooring thickness: 3/4″
  • Random lengths

Pricing provided based on customer specifications.

In addition to our reclaimed hardwood species, please know that we offer Red Oak, White Oak and Cherry in “NEW” random width hardwood flooring. This is being done in an effort to offer you a qualify floor that replicates the character found in flooring at a more affordable price.

Reclaimed Walnut Wide Plank Flooring