New & Repurposed from Old Barns, Factories & Stables


Our reclaimed boards and timbers are a result of repurposing old barns, factories and stables that are located in south central Virginia. We work directly with demolition contractors that supply us a variety of hardwood timbers and boards. Prior to purchase, we inspect every timber and board for character, quality and workability. Our selection of reclaimed boards and timbers is of the highest quality found in our industry.

We employ a very experienced staff of millwrights that can transform old timbers and boards into quality millwork while retaining the character that can only be achieved through the aging process.


  • Through time and nature, reclaimed wood has developed a unique beauty that simply cannot be achieved with new growth timber.
  • Repurposing antique wood reduces the need to cut down trees.
  • When we process reclaimed timbers, we make every effort to preserve the character of the original processing. Many of our timbers were hand chinked (resized) back before the turn of the century. These identifying “marks” tell the story of a time that has been long forgotten.
  • When we purchase reclaimed timber framing, we know that only stable timbers were used to build supporting structures. These timbers offer stability that cannot be found in new growth timber.

We at Southern Crafted Millwork offer reclaimed wood products in a variety of species, including the following:

Our inventory provides a variety of sizes to meet your individual requirements.

In addition to our reclaimed hardwood species, please know that we offer Red Oak, White Oak, and Cherry in “NEW” random width hardwood flooring. This is being done in an effort to offer you a quality hardwood floor that replicates the character found in reclaimed flooring at a more affordable price.


Southern Crafted Millwork offers a full line of hand-crafted architectural details.

White Oak Flooring & Timbers
A mix of red and white oak flooring in a variety of widths.
Reclaimed Wood Beams & Posts
Wormy Chestnut Boards & Timbers